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Vedic Indian Astrology is a very ancient science that has its origins in India. The science works towards explaining how the planetary motions and their various positions affect human beings and other entities here on earth with respect to time. While Vedic astrology in its early years only discussed astrology that was based on stars, today they have also included the zodiac sign.
Vedic Indian astrology suggests that there are 27 constellations that comprise of 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses and each of these houses and planets correspond to one or may be another aspect of a human being’s life. A chart that visually shows planets and signs is known as a horoscope.
Vedic Indian astrology is all about how these arrangements come together and how they apply to other entities and human beings. Astrologer in Delhi will tell you that a gem stone represents planets, and these stones work towards enhancing the particular planets power to affect you.
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Gem stones represent planets. These stones enhance the power of a planet. This is the most powerful remedy to strengthen any planet if worn under
proper guidance of a good astrologer. This can transform the entire career of an individual. So proper gemological analysis of a horoscope should be done
and good quality stones should be worn in an auspicious Muhurat. Size of the stone depends on the body weight of an individual; normally it is 10% of
the body weight. Remember colour, clarity and cut decide the quality of a stone. These stones develop ones personality and self-confidence.
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